Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Doll!! Kitchen Witch!!

This is my new doll the Kitchen Witch.  Right now she doesn't have a hat.  Not Everyone is into witches like I am.  Can you believe it?!!  So, I wanted the non-witch lovers to see a doll without one!!  I will include the hat in the pattern for the rest of us who wish it was Halloween year round!!  She is a chubby doll with chubby legs and sensible shoes.  She is about 17 inches long.  She has painted eyes and everything else is embroidered on her face.  She is wearing a gingham dress with an apron.  I'm still deciding if I want to grunge it up!  I gave her a painted wooden spoon, in orange and black of course!!  I will finish the pattern soon.  My 6 year old is such a chatter box, I've had a hard time getting this finished.  Gotta love summer break!!  I hope you enjoy her!!  I've put her in my kitchen.

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